Good Reads: Chandausi Junction-Wapsi

Good Reads: Chandausi Junction-Wapsi

The story is titled WAPSI. Set in the year 1961, it is about a youth who after his studies was working in USA, but decided to return to his home-town Kanpur. Happy Reading



(The Return)

Kanpur, 1961

Devendra was very excited. He was returning to his hometown after 2 years. After completing his Engineering, he landed a job in America and went there to work, but the call of the family made him return. He got a job in an industrial firm, situated at Panki. Although his work was very much appreciated by his employers in the USA and the salary which was offered by the new firm was only a fraction of what he was getting in The States, he had decided to come back only for the love of his family.

He had also thought of not being a part of the brain drain and work in and for one’s motherland. He reached home and was welcomed with open arms by all his family members. His parents and brothers lived in a joint family in the Civil Lines area of the city. He was to join his new job after a week and had all the intentions of meeting all his relatives in and around the city before commencing his new stint.

After a week, he reported for work. Keeping in mind his education and experience, he was made in charge of the chemical factory at Panki. His first meeting was with the owner himself, who showed him around the factory, introduced him to his team, briefed him about his work, and wished him good luck for his new innings.

The road to the factory was kuccha and the only means to commute from Kanpur was first by rickshaw and then on foot. There was no life in that part of the world after 8 p.m. and hence all the employees were advised to leave by 6 in the evening. Months passed and Devendra had fully adjusted to his new life. His family had started broaching the topic of his marriage and he had agreed to settle down.

The company had recently landed up a big order for which the production was to be increased and that meant, doubling the number of shifts. In the absence of another qualified person being appointed for assisting him, Devendra took up the initiative to work overtime. He would be reaching the factory at 9 a.m. and then work till 11 in the night.

The management agreed to allow him and the workers to stay in the factory premises only and allotted a separate room for them to rest and sleep. Food would be coming twice a day. Devendra had motivated all the employees to work hard for one more week so that they can get a good Diwali bonus. The production was on schedule and the owners were very happy with the results. On the penultimate day of the deadline, as Devendra was winding up the day’s work, he stumbled upon a rack and.………….

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