Good Read: Chandausi Junction-Naamkaran

Good Read: Chandausi Junction-Naamkaran

Set in the year 1970, in the city of MEERUT, it is about a newly married bride commencing her new life with her husband and parents-in-law.

Chapter 17

Meerut, 1970

Narayan and Lakshmi were very happy. With the wedding of their son, Parth, all their responsibilities were now fulfilled. Life has been good for them and their family members. They bestowed their children with good education, traditional upbringing, family values, and age-old customs and all their children imbibed them well.

The new bride, Suchitra hailed from the same town and belonged to a similar upper-middle-class family as theirs. Parth always wanted to marry a working girl and when during the marriage being decided, it was found that Suchitra was also working in a firm, just like him, then both the “parties” said “Yes.”.

The alliance was perfect in all senses. In the next few days, after the completion of all the wedding ceremonies like dwar rukai, aarti, dulhan’ grah pravesh, mooh dikhai, ring finding, kheer banai, etc. all the guests departed and Suchitra started settling down in her new home and new role as a wife and a daughter-in-law.

On the first Sunday after their wedding, Suchitra went to the kitchen and said to Lakshmi “Mummyji, you take rest. Today I will prepare the breakfast.” Before Lakshmi could say anything, Suchitra had affectionately held her hand and accompanied her to the drawing-room, where Narayan was reading the morning newspaper. Seeing the newcomer’s enthusiasm, Lakshmi also readily agreed and sat with her husband.

After some time, Suchitra laid on the table the food prepared by her-sandwiches, tea, and sooji ka halwa. As Narayan put the newspaper away, he said with a broad smile “Arrey Wah. Breakfast looks good.” “Please have it Papaji, Mummyji. I will just call Parth.” replied Suchitra and in the same breath looked at their room and said “Parth. Breakfast is ready. Please come.”

Lakshmi and Narayan exchanged glances, but Suchitra was unaware of the same.………….

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