Chandausi Junction - Roshandaan

Chandausi Junction - Roshandaan

Aligarh, 1969


The old lady and her two married daughters were startled by this unusual sound. Lying on their beds they were having their post-lunch siesta. As Jyoti and Kanika, both in their late thirties got up to take a stock of things, their aged mother, Bhanumati asked “What is it?” Kanika, the younger one replied, “Just checking Amma.”

The next that was heard in that room was a shriek of fear from Kanika. “What? What?” asked Bhanumati. “Amma. It’s a young one of a monkey,” replied Jyoti, desperately trying to maintain her composure. She realized that being the elder sibling, she has to take care of her sister as well as their mother. “Monkey?” exclaimed Bhanumati “How can a monkey come in a closed room?”

Jyoti looked up and said, “It must have fallen from the space in the roshandaan and has landed on the cloth bag.” She was joined by the other 2 ladies in looking up and wondering as to what should they do now. “Let’s throw him out,” said Kanika moving towards the infant. “Oooie,” she shouted as the simian tried to attack her stretched hands. “No,” said Jyoti “He is scared, but will attack and bite us if we approach him.”

“What to do then Jijji?” asked Kanika. In the meantime, they heard a lot of commotion outside. “We must think of something quickly.” Jyoti said, “slowly the monkeys will start collecting outside and they will not go till the time they are able to free him from us.”

“Arrey but we also don’t want him here na.” said an agitated Kanika. “Yes, Kanika but we have to think of a way to lead him outside,” replied Jyoti. “Let’s open the door. Then he can walk out,” suggested Kanika. “And what if all of them come inside? Then what?” asked Jyoti. The very thought scared the three ladies.

Outside, the noise of monkeys was slowly but surely turning into a din. They had understood that the infant has fallen in this room. They were howling and banging the doors and windows. A couple of angry faces could also be seen through the glass of roshandaan. Kanika was almost in tears while Bhanumati was sitting helplessly on the bed. Suddenly, …………….

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