Justice For Sushant Singh Rajput
Justice For Sushant Singh Rajput
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Regretfully Risky 'Riya'

SSR must Have Said This To Himself, Alas!

TNA Contributor

TNA Contributor

Oh Dear

Let me die, on my destined ways , I really didn't wish too to part

You aspired to walk away from my wish world, a desperate heart

Unable to sustain pain, with anguish of collapsing worldly domain

Move off ,to realms of Life's dark passage, march past destination

Transiting through "Real" life, by casting an aspersion on"Reel" life.

Wonders of the filmy world, solace words nor advice, brought strife.

Broken heart, her hidden agenda to fleece, and exploit a young star,

A blooming bud met his life's thorn, under the garb of beauty n care

Left behind mystery in the world, for an adhesive to join broken heart

Hanging hopes in frustration, caused tyranny on mind's falling apart

Riya opened hate gate, flooded with ulterior motives, cheat in disguise

Snatched love trust & faith,& prosper on his cash, for debiting his prize

Knowing ways of legal dispensation, the tirade of money & body power

Nation awaits unabated with unflinching eyes, result of CBI signal tower

With 'Deep' Anguish and Strong hopes of a fair trial and justice

-- Veteran Gp Capt Pradeep Agnihotri /New Delhi

(Views Expressed Are personal)

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