Nature's Signature Campaign...

Nature's Signature Campaign...

As I strain to enliven life, now running on sharp edged razor balance',

Attempt to seek credence to fleeting moments, on their parting glance,

Passing steadily crossing barriers of adversities, to trespass pain stains

Do feel impulses of pulses pull and push, supporting mission to sustain;

Sore eyes display hidden droplets, share moist cries, sob silently within,

Absorb erupting shockwave, seismic quakes of churning thought's log-in

Obscure images cast shadows, I decline to slide on the eve of life line,

Neither give ways to emerging scream nor allow scar on heart's shrine

Gather feather's wings like sparrow, fl(y/o)at in a row and rays of hopes

Collect fragrances from rosy petals from breath, to build rising ropes

Watch life's transit to oblivion, block grief streaks ,spread on timeline

I regain composure, woken up by dreams, on fact check of passing time

Aware of deep impacts on pouring thoughts & expressions in word action

Impart clues to envision resolve & evolve self, by sharing my wide vision

Sharing concerns of thoughtful human being, churning my compassions

Creating imagery of positive vibes, rewinding to remind moment's missions

Pray, I may annihilate evils in minds, involve concurrence in views, in kind

Coexist in harmonious peace surroundings, hover over air of happy mind

Goddess Durga's *deep* blessings shower

-On auspicious occasion of Vijayadashami

- Veteran Group Captain P K Agnihotri/New Delhi

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