Flower Bouquet...On Thorny Ways...

Flower Bouquet...On Thorny Ways...

Wilting Deep below those Vase bases, with lively flower bouquets

Find Social thorns, popping out, express in live-in moulded bucket

Traced herds of co travellers, on surface, hiding within the bracket

To bowl out life on soft maiden pitch, scared of losing their wicket

Pinching soft bellies of young buds, till they bleed on thorny bed ways

Debilitating spirit to exist, torn to pieces, on pathetic bone’s foreplays

On humanity they lose faith and trust, on tryst with destiny’s replays

Scars so indelible on mind and soul alike, on shattered shuttered rays

Wonder where whimsical wayward wards wander in wailing wounds

Flirted & jilted buds, lying in isolated dark corners, as pain unbound

Modesty violations cause shocks, as traumatic tremors, do astound

Hungry wolfs indulge in venom by Corny Virus marred -go- round

Dreams of flowers for spreading fragrance, gets nipped in the bud

Gets burnt and churned in the vases of thorns, split by knife head

Ignite fire *Agni*, to remove unsocial burn stains and to sphere head

Erase *Deep*marks on ruined acid rained faces, share smile instead

Sharing concerns and finding ways to flowers and

raising fresh buds in Vase of Hope showers

-- Pradeep Agnihotri/New Delhi

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