Sunday Musings: The Jigsaw - Connecting The Dots

Sunday Musings: The Jigsaw - Connecting The Dots

We are all incomplete jigsaw puzzles, who have come into this life to complete our own stories.

We cannot live in isolation, we live in the environment of life, continuously interacting 24x7 Sleeping waking walking talking crying or laughing.

Interacting connecting with all forms of life.

In doing so we are unconsciously moving so many around us to move ahead in their respective jigsaw puzzles and their stories.

For every move for others consciously or unconsciously we are actually moving ourselves 2 paces towards our own story

Whatever we end up doing for others comes back to us multifold

So in effect whatever we do for others actually we do it for our own selves

Trying to complete our own jigsaw puzzles by connecting with the lives of others

So keep Connecting the Dots Friends

Think about it

A Happy Week Ahead

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