The Killer Cocktail Of Success - 'Vijay' And 'Vinay'

The Killer Cocktail Of Success - 'Vijay' And 'Vinay'

One device, which has acquired acceptance all over the world across all civilizations, irrespective of caste, creed or color is our mobile handset. In these mobile handsets regular and updated versions are flooding the market. Android changes its version after every 6 months.

By the time a new born baby is 3 years of age android changes from Marshmallow to Nougat to Oreo to Pie. Now in 2020 if we ask a customer to buy a phone device with marshmallow version. He will stare at the seller with eyes to eat. Even if he will buy, he will ask for at least 90% discount.

You all must be wondering as to why I am advocating the mobile phones and their version. What do they have to do with exploring possibilities? Well, my question is, if we don’t want to accept a phone device with older versions? if we hate being associated with anything that’s not updated?

If we disregard it so much so that we reduce its worth to only 10% of its original one, then why do we expect this world to accept our older, outdated versions. Forget about regular updating, most of us will not even remember, when did they last update themselves.

If I ask a question “tell me the 5 new skills acquired in the last 365 days, most people will not be able to answer it. A few witty ones might manipulate their answer with the gift of jab. Very few will come with genuine answers.

To my above question, I might also get a reply, that whatever learning has to be done is done in college times. Now it's time to compete and achieve. Quit an arrogant answer. To learn you need to be humble. Humility makes you learn from others.

But in this competitive world one needs some arrogance to compete. So those who are competitive, cease to learn and grow as human, and those who are humble, do not remain aggressive enough to compete. Another question which arises here is, is there some way in which one can be competitive, but still be humble enough to learn.

Let’s try and replace the word arrogance by self-confidence. It refers to confidence acquired by being the best version of self. Just like we update apps, the operating system of mobiles, we need to update ourselves to our best version. When you update yourself to a higher version, you have to give the best of yourself. Give 200% of your energy there, do hard work and come out of your comfort zone.

Hence you are your own competition. Just because you are the best version of yourself, does not mean that you are best in the world. Moment you feel that you are the best in the world, confidence turns into arrogance. But if you are the best version of self, arrogance disappears.

When we talk about humility it means that we keep our minds open and conscious enough to accept and learn from the people around us. Everybody has so much to offer, arrogance stops us from accepting those offerings. Minds are like parachutes; they work only when they are open.

Let’s understand as to how we can start practicing it. When it comes to learning, there are 3 kinds of people. Those who are above us, those who are below us and those who are equal to us. A very interesting observation here, we can hear and learn from those who are above us, by the virtue of their authority and respect. We can also learn from those who are below us, to show the world how great we are.

People who are equal to us enjoy mutual ego, envy and competition. Hence learning from them is the most difficult task. So let us start with the easier task. Start learning from those who are above us, followed by those who are below us. Slowly when this learning sinks in as an attitude, start learning it from the equals as well.

You will observe that the arrogance has gradually disappeared and has given place to self-confidence. Not only that, by learning you also gain victory over the older version of yourself. Hence you get the victory that is “vijay” and you become “vinay” i.e humble. Once “vijay” goes with “vinay” , it’s a killer combination. As you trust in yourself, but not enough that you cease to learn from others. Now you can explore innumerable possibilities….all the best…

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