Positivity Versus Negativity, The Choice Remains With Us

Positivity Versus Negativity, The Choice Remains With Us

Once upon a time, there was a debate in a college. Topic of the debate was about positivity versus negativity. Inside a human mind which one out of the two is stronger or has a greater impact. Interesting one isn’t it. There was a very strong argument which came from a those who said positivity was stronger. They said that in a rose plant there are only a few flowers but the number of thorns are in-numerous.

But despite the huge difference in the count of the two it is called a rose plant, not a thorn plant. We all know that roses denote positivity and thorns denote negativity. Does that mean that the strength of positivity over negativity, overpowers the benefit of count, or numbers, and hence plant is called a rose plant despite the flowers being in minority as compared to thorns?

Perhaps a strong argument. Most audience were convinced that yes positive thoughts are stronger in our minds. Now it was the turn of the opponents. They were well prepared too. They came up with another argument. They started their argument with a question. They told the audience that if there are two events in the evening, one is about a spiritual gathering and other is a cocktail party along with a Russian dancer.

Invitation for both the events was send to hundred people. Their question was, out of the two which event will attract more audience. I think you don’t need to be a genius to guess the reply by the audience. It was obviously the second event.

Most people will opine that spiritual gathering will give us positive thoughts and cocktail and a Russian dancer might give us a kick, but that’s it. Still more people express their willingness for the cocktail party. Hence this examples shows that human minds are not so inclined towards positivity or positive thoughts.

Well the college debate was over and audience applauded the speakers, and the prizes were distributed. But the question thing still remained unanswered.

Rather the confusion was bigger now, at least for me. Confusion is actually good state of mind at times. It helps you to be more aware and explore further. I visited a friend’s place once and got the answer there. My friend has 2 pets. One of the pet was very strong and healthy where as other one was weak and lean. I asked him the reason for this difference.

I was being told that the healthier was very been fed very well and was taken care of by them personally, where as the one which was lean and thin was been taken by a friend who was not so particular in taking care of the pet. So the difference in health was due to the improper feeding and care. This analogy gave me the answer to my positivity and negativity debate.

Both exist in us, just like the 2 pets. One which is fed well becomes healthier of the two. Food for negativity is jealousy, anger, dislike, laziness, judgement, blame game, and so on. Positivity prospers when fed by appreciation of others, taking responsibilities, finishing tasks, expressing gratitude, disciplined, growing self, so on and so forth.

So friends both attitudes are within us only, it’s in our control which one do we gestate and make stronger. I hope you will make a better choice. All the best….and explore possibilities….

(The author is a Lucknow-based leadership coach, corporate trainer and an Internationally certified Design Thinking Master practitioner)

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