Exploring Possibilities: Tree That Withstands Turbulence

Exploring Possibilities: Tree That Withstands Turbulence

As you seek and so shall you find. This is a quote from the Bible. Even mother nature also teaches us a few similar things. Analogy of butterflies and houseflies is one such lesson. Butterflies keep on seeking essence or the nectar from flower to flower.

Many times they do not find flowers easily. In some seasons flowers are not in great abundance. But butterflies keep seeking the essence. They do not get tempted by other activities going around. They take the essence and nourish themselves and feel happy. And thereafter wherever they go they pollinate.

This idea of pollinating is so profound. It explains that if we are absorbed in something deeply we carry it everywhere and anywhere we go, and affect and influence those we meet. Lots of trees and plants are depending on that pollination for awakening their possibility of growth. Similarly, if we talk about the house-fly, it sits on every filthy thing.

Even in the springs it never sits on a flower. It finds some filth even in the best of times. Henceforth wherever it goes, it takes that filth and shit and affects and influences every person and place it comes in contact with.

So the basis of how we contribute to this world is directly proportional to what we seek. It establishes the philosophy of your life, or you can say the values of our lives. These values are like the roots of the trees.

When we talk about the trees, it has broadly 3 parts. The root, the trunk and the top shoot, the crown. Stronger the roots, stronger the balance. Especially in turbulent times, trees with firm roots withstand the storm, but the weaker ones succumb to the forces of the hurricane. The root of the tree is invisible.

This root is our inner development, or we can say our spiritual development. It is something not visible to others. These roots are actually about our philosophies, which determine whether we want to be a butterfly or we want to be a housefly. Whether we want to collect the nectar from the flower and spread it or we want to carry the filth along.

This inner development makes us strong. This avoids the storms, and cyclones of life from getting over us and pulling us down. Our connectivity which we establish through meditation, chanting, self-control and yoga, makes our roots strong.

Now let’s speak about the trunk. Our emotional and physical wellbeing can be referred to as the trunk of the tree. Trunk of the tree derives nourishment from the roots. A weak root can make the trunk wobble or sometimes even result in uprooting it. I remember once a boss saying to me, that I was a shame to him and his team.

I just do not deserve to be with him (if you are in the corporate world and have never heard anything like this, you should thank your fortunes). This was nothing less than an abuse to me. I was terribly disturbed by it. That’s why William Blake said, your mind can make heaven out of hell and hell out of heaven.

At this point I was reminded of a statement from Sadhguru, ‘never give the remote control of your emotions to anyone’. That man just pressed the button on the remote and made me feel trashed. If someone appreciates or condemns it’s the way he thinks, when people say anything to you, it’s their reflection. This is the trunk, our emotional stability.

Crown of the tree, it’s our contribution to the world. Our success, the fruit and flower. A weak root and wobbling trunk can never yield a sweet fruit of colorful flowers. Even if it does, it will be very short lived. So if we want our crown to shine, we must take care of our roots and the trunk. No wonder people love butterflies and hate houseflies.....

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