Exploring Possibilities: The World Vs My World

Exploring Possibilities: The World Vs My World

We all know about Lord Shiva and his enigmatic powers. There are a thousand stories describing his life. But no story that describes his childhood. His friends were also strange. When we say strange we refer to anything which is not like us. His friends were altogether different from all humans. Some thoughts even say that they were alien. They always remained with Shiva. Once Shiva goes they are gone as well.

Shiva too, is said was not entirely human. It was at that time certain very cruel kings started to dominate a part of India. Good (often good are weak) people went to Shiva for help, requesting him that if he can have a son of his, who can finish these cruel kings. Hence, Kartikeya was born from fire, with powers of 6 demigods. That’s why he is six faced. Kartikey grew up to be a fiery, fast and furious young man.

His brother Ganesha with the head of an elephant was in complete contrast to him. Once upon a time a profound devotee offered a mango to Lord Shiva , and Shiva who always loves his devotees , accepted it. He gave it to Parvati to give it to children. Mango as a fruit cannot be cut into half. Both Kartikeya and Ganesh wanted to have the mango. To be fair to both, Shiva and Parvati announced a race.

Whoever of the two completes the 3 rounds of the entire world earlier will get the mango. Kartikeya being the kind of person he was, left immediately, whereas Ganesha , thought and after some time picked himself up and took 3 rounds around Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati , and sat down. When Kartikey returned, he was surprised to see Ganesha winning the prize. He explained that he took 3 rounds of his world, that was his parents. Rest of the world, he wasn’t bothered about.

Most of us know this story. It brings us to a great point to ponder. It's about “the world” and “my world”.

If the fish who is content in water swimming all across the river looks at the eagle in the air, and wants to fly, even an attempt could be lethal. Similarly, if the eagle gets inspired by a fish and attempts a dive in water, can lose his life too. Both have their strengths and based on their strengths they have created their own world.

“My world” can be referred to as a mental and physical space, where I have my direct control. “The world” is an endless space where we don’t have any or a very limited control. We can easily say that all that space which comes in my circle of control is “my world”. For instance, my city is full of dirt and mud. Roads have potholes and filth across. Now I have to save the foot from getting dirty. What will I do? Design a plastic cover for the roads across the city or wear a slipper in our foot. Obviously the second option seems to be more plausible. That’s in our circle of control.

Let’s take a live example….

“The world” is fighting with corona, but, in In “my world” , I am working to improve my health. I am working from my circle of control, which includes morning running, intake of neem and turmeric, regular and frequent use of sanitizer, wearing masks, avoiding social gatherings, so on and so forth.

So again “the world” and “my world” are entirely opposite to each other. For a sales guy the world may be heading towards economic slowdown, but his world is his target for the month. For an army man the world might follow nonviolence, but his world depends on shooting the terrorist on his head.

Much like Ganesh , we will get the mango only when we excel in our worlds. Even if we are immensely skilled and dominantly willed like Kartikay, the quest to conquer the world might pull us behind. Operate from our circle of control, improve your world by operating on your circle of control, and then with your examples inspire others and improve your circle of influence. Without bothering much about the world, do the best you can because that is the only thing in your control…

Yathaa drishti…Tathaa srishti…..

(The author is a Lucknow-based leadership coach, corporate trainer and an Internationally certified Design Thinking Master practitioner)

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