Exploring Possibilities: Passion Vs Stress

Exploring Possibilities: Passion Vs Stress

In India there are three things which are very popular, spirituality, cinema and cricket. Most of us are intrigued by these three subjects. I was no exception.

Today I will refer to an incident associated with the third one that is cricket. It was in 1989-90 when Lucknow hosted a match of MRF World series at KD Singh Babu stadium. Match was to be played between Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Despite India missing in that fixture my interest level was quite high. Somehow I arranged two entry passes and went to watch the match along with a friend.

As expected, at the entry gate the line was long. Despite hopping on all the gates, we found that the entry was not easy. Soon my friend lost hope and said, let’s go, the line is too long.

Some people look at the things they want, and some people look at the things that prevent them from what they want.

I said, it’s a once in a lifetime event to watch a live match at Lucknow, let’s try. He kept on complaining about the long queue and I continued to convince him to watch the match. We both failed in our attempts of convincing each other. He left and I went inside and watched the match.

Now if I think about this incident, I see it as two different approaches towards life.

Some people look at the things they want, and some people look at the things that prevent them from what they want. I could only think about and focus on the cricket match, and my friend could only focus on the long line. Now this word focus is very magical.

To understand the magic of this word, I will urge you to imagine a stage performance where a performer is ready for the act. Lights are dim and there is a spot light, which is on the performer.

What does this spotlight do? It highlights the performer and everything around, becomes dark. Similarly, if the performer has to do some subtle changes, the spotlight is shifted to another part of the stage.

Now obviously that part is highlighted and the performer gets into dark. Our focus is like this spotlight. It highlights and aligns our energies, and actions towards the subject on which we have the focus. Every other thing becomes dark, invisible or inconsequential, though it exists.

In the above mentioned incident also, long line and cricket match both existed, but went into the dark arena for my friend and me respectively. This incident also explained another important rule, which is very well stated by Simon Sinek, if we can go after whatever we want, we cannot deny another person to go after whatever he wants.

When that day finished I was very happy and excited about the day’s proceedings. I had lots of memories like Imran Khan’s looks or how much heavy is Arjuna Rantunga, or about the electric atmosphere of the stadium, so on and so forth. But my friend had complaints, where as I had experiences.

I worked hard for what I cared that day, i.e. the match, whereas my friend worked hard for what he didn’t care, that is the long line of human beings, who meant nothing to him.

This pretty well explains the difference between stress and passion. When we work hard for the objectives which we do not care about,  it gives us stress and working hard for something which we care for, creates passion.

So ladies and gentlemen, dig deep in self and understand what you really care for, align all your focus, energy and action towards it. This action will be driven by passion and will lead you to success. Even if success is not achieved, you will definitely explore greater possibilities….

(The author is a Certified Designed Thinking Master practitioner and Clifton Certified Strength Finder Coach, Corporate Trainer and a Leadership coach. He is based in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, India.)

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