Exploring Possibilities: Chance Versus Choice

Exploring Possibilities: Chance Versus Choice

One of my favourite topics or one can say is a part of every one’s life, is the topic of Chance vs choice. No one can forget the boy who barely completed 16 years of his life, got the opportunity to play for his country. Yes, I am referring to the heartthrob of the nation, Sachin Tendulkar. This was a chance if given to anyone, will be nothing less than a God send opportunity. But every opportunity comes with a challenge. A sixteen years boy selected to play for India against whom….against Pakistan.

With Pakistan, it’s not cricket, it’s a historical rivalry. It’s a make or break for any sports person, especially a cricketer. Any way all said and done, the boy was a part of Indian cricket team.

Small shoulders with burdens of expectations and pressure of performance against the most feared bowling attack in the world at that time, that comprised of current Prime Minister of Pakistan and one of the best all-rounder of the world, Imran Khan, supported by the left hand fast and fearsome Wasim Akram and new pace prodigy, Waqar Yunus , who was known for his toe crushing Yorkers as well as his shoulder breaking bouncers.

Such was the chance which was given to this boy. After getting out for an average 15 at Karachi, comes Sialkot’s green top wicket. India was under huge runs deficit, with Pakistan looking favorite to win the tie. At this stage came this boy to face the might of the dreaded fast bowlers.

As the fear was, a steep bouncer from Waqar Yunus came and hit the face of this boy. He lost his balance and fell on the ground. There were blood drops on the batting crease. Navjot Singh Siddhu from the non-striker end rushed to him.

Entire Pakistan team gathered around, a stretcher was out in the field. Under all logical conclusions the boy should have gone back to pavilion. But this was a time for choice.

He made a choice and said “ I WILL PLAY”. Yes, he did play and had a decisive partnership with Siddhu and saved the match for India. This was just the start of many to come. We all know the countless times he won/saved matches for India there on.

It’s only the pursuit of highest potential that helps us to enhance our competencies.

The entire episode is a great example of choice over chance. If we talk about CHANCE, how many parents would have agreed to expose their children to such danger. You must be aware that in case of minors, a parent has to sign a consent form and the language of that form is far from being pleasant. Sachin’s parents did sign that consent form. They did that because they had faith in their son’s ability.

They had faith because, son had practiced and developed his skills. Endless and tireless daily routines, falling asleep on the dinner table were a few evidences of the same. It was this effort that gives the confidence to dare. As humans how many dare to stretch our potential. It’s only the pursuit of highest potential that helps us to enhance our competencies.

Now if we talk about choice, after being hit by the bouncer on the face, retired hurt would have been a perfect option. No one would have complained even, if he would have chosen to retire, it would have been self-explanatory.

But this boy said “ mai khelega” . These two words brushed aside all the reasons and excuses behind. Success comes to those whose determination is bigger than the excuses. We often have two choices. One is the road on which many people walk, “The road to mediocrity”, and the other is the road on which only few people dare, the road to excellence and greatness.

We all, also get our chances in our lives and we also make our choices. The choice we make on a given chance will create our destiny. So make a great choice on a given chance and be the owner of your destiny……

(aThe author is a Lucknow-based leadership coach, corporate trainer and an Internationally certified Design Thinking Master practitioner)

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