Convert Thoughts Into Realities...

Convert Thoughts Into Realities...

Once upon a time a man was very much fond of walking. So much so that he walked and walked and accidentally reached paradise. The soft grass and shade of a beautiful tree there was tempting and he was tired too. He felt very fortunate and thanked God almighty and decided to have some rest. Soon he slept. He woke up after sometime and felt hungry and wished that he could get some food. As per the rules of paradise food came to him.

Being hungry he quickly grabbed and ate. After having some food, he thought and wished, if he could some drink. Immediately drink came. Drinkers don’t ask much questions and he enjoyed the drinks. After getting food and drink his mind started to wander. How come I am automatically getting food and drinks. There must be ghosts around, and ghosts came. Terrified and frightful he thought, oh ghosts will kill me. Ghosts killed him.

A few moments back he was considering himself extremely fortunate and now ghosts killed him. Actually he didn’t realize that he accidentally came under the KALP VRIKSHA , the wishing tree. Now a day we don’t find such trees.

Sadguru explains that very well. He takes example from Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, which says that we were monkeys earlier. Monkey is known for two basic things. One is unestablished and mercurial movement. Second think is imitation. So our mind has adopted a few features from monkey. It’s extremely unestablished and unstable, and also believes in copying others so much so that it can even teach monkey a few lessons on imitation.

The story shared above has one character who had a monkey mind. As a result, despite sitting under a kalp vriksha he finished himself. Most of us are quite similar to him. Just imagine if everything we wish for, comes real, what a mess our life will be.

Once our energies are organized, our body gets organized. Once all these four get organized we can create our wish list. This way we can create our own Kalp Vriksha, the first ever example of today’s famous Law of attraction.

It clearly explains one thing, whatever human beings have created today, it was first created in their minds. Good, bad or ugly any invention which saw the light of day, got first manifested in our minds only. Be it the Wright brothers or Columbus or Graham bell, each of them had the picture of their invention in their minds. Husain Bolt thought of breaking the world record, first in his mind then on the field. Our mind creates the first prototype of our success or failure.

Our pleasure and displeasure also depends on our whether the incidents are happening as per the way we think or not. If everything is happening the way we think, we are happy. If it’s not happening the way we think, we become sad. So if we need life to happen the way we think, we need to establish our thinking process. It should be more stable and focused. Life cannot function the way we think, if we have a monkey mind.

So anything you want to achieve, must find an expression in your mind first. This will create the thought. Thar thought will convert to reality or will remain an empty thought , depends upon the strength of the thought. Strength to the thought is given by the emotion behind it. This emotion will stop the creation of a negative thought which might work as an impediment. This way the mind will get organized. When the thought and emotions get organized, our energies get organized.

Once our energies are organized, our body gets organized. Once all these four get organized we can create our wish list. This way we can create our own Kalp Vriksha, the first-ever example of today’s famous Law of attraction.

Possible and not possible is not our job. Its nature’s job. Our job is only to strive. All the best and keep on exploring possibilities.

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