My Dear Mom...

My Dear Mom...

You are the creator, feeding true life nectars in our veins & an avid teacher

My standing salutations with gratitude, for fortitude, care as giver & curer

Holding our tiny hands, we grew on love support, to stand on our own feet

A mentor & moulder of our life perspective are gems in the realms of treat

Our world goes round on divine bonds of strength, through umbilical cord

Word vocab quotient runs out of expressions, praises hurdled, as a reward

Your dedications to raise us & carve our career, as visioned human beings

Prayers to build faith on divinity of humanity, cement celebration blessings

We wish our sojourn be an eternal one, carrying umbrella hopes,  to shelter all ways

We resolve to evolve solidarity & stride to remain your deep pride always

We all owe an eternal debt, for gift of life and wings, to fly out of the nest

Nurture delightful memories of mother's protections & to earn your crest

On this special occasion, we pray continued blessings from the heart

Our sentiments overflow, to cleanse your feet by our tears of joyous part

In  DEEP reverence to every MOM.COM. in webs of our memory world

Mirrors for back view of blossoming friend, philosopher & guide, truly caring our world 


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