Lucknow, My Biggest Teacher!

Lucknow, My Biggest Teacher!

My biggest teacher- ‘Lucknow' taught me some special lessons. Sharing some of them-

Lucknow Taught Me- distance is measured in time and not in Km's. “Bas 5 minute ka raastaa hai...”

Lucknow taught me- how to talk to strangers without feeling awkward... just smile, coz muskuraaiye, aap lucknow mein hain!!

Lucknow taught me- everything is fair in love, war and jugaad.

Lucknow taught me- “pehle aap” doesn’t work on traffic/roads.

Lucknow taught me- whether you are a millionaire or a middle class, you must love Sharma chai.

Lucknow taught me- there’s always a place of fourth person in tempo’s 3 person’s seat.

Lucknow taught me- aapki Fortuner ya Scorpio mein agar political party wala jhanda lagaa hai to traffic waale aapko nahi rokenge.

Lucknow taught me- poori kachaudi khaate raho, dil lagaate raho!!

Lucknow taught me- sabse best hai Lucknowi mango... iske saamne kuchh bhi nahi hain fruity aur tango.

Lucknow taught me- don’t ignore a house with tin shed, it could be a branch of CMS. Jai Jagat.

Lucknow taught me- how to use an abusive slang with sugar coated words and prefixed it with Aap. Aap bade haraami hain!!

Lucknow taught me- money can buy happiness. Just go and shop at Buddh Bazaar.

Lucknow taught me- aap kitne bhi genius ho, aapki kitni bhi eidetic memory kyun na ho, Gomti Nagar ke sabhi Khand ke naam yaad nahi ho paayenge...

Lucknow taught me- never judges a book by its cover. There is a place- Bhootnath and no, it’s not a horror house.

Lucknow taught me- Sadak ka naam chaahe jo bhi ho, vo hoti humaare pitaa ji ki hi hai.

Lucknow taught me- don’t ever call a girl “behen ji”... there is only one SuSri. Ku. Behenji here. A girl might take it as an insult and consider yourself responsible for the injuries that follow.

Lucknow taught me- to love animals, specially elephants. Either they are living or statued.

-- Shared By Amit Malhotra/Lucknow

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