Corona Eclipse On Nation...In Deep Sadness

Corona Eclipse On Nation...In Deep Sadness

Witness realms of anguish era slow flow, in sorrow's lane shows

Distorted lines stuck for final rites and carry ritual's spans in rows 

Aghast with haunting ghosts of dreadful sights, turning all insane

Fluid life cycles breaking so fast, cast scars & scare on mind again

Vast expanse of burning pyres in tear's arrows do carve deep stains

Pathetic sights of  bodies sardines, now venture breaths in isolation

Alas, few heartless steal last hope's tender threads of medicines 

Rest vent anger on losses of loved ones, so far away from scenes

Mind shattering calamities of patients, on terminal flights on oxygen

As frontline workers strive hard to survive, on own life saving mission

Gloom descends again after a brief break, with unbroken virus chains

For safety of humanity, prayers will work to block double muted strain

Deep in anguished state of Mind

-- Pradeep Agnihotri/New Delhi

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