An Ode To Teachers...

An Ode To Teachers...

Special On Teachers Day

It's not as easy as one thinks,

To be someone's teacher.

It takes an inner calling,

And some unique features.

To love someone,

Despite their faults.

To help them through,

The jumps and vaults.

To love them equally,

And treat them so.

To make them do,

Then do some more.

To help them always,

But rarely do praise.

Lest vanity in students,

Does modesty replace.

To find eternal happiness,

In the success of Gennext.

Even guide backbenchers,

And earn their respect.

To have the moral courage,

Tell parents, when they must.

Yet complement the vagabond,

And make them trust.

To let go of the class,

As they make their transit.

Yet keep them close to their heart,

In case they do visit.

Remember the students' faces,

Place their batches, name & quality.

When in life, alumni find time,

And come to say, "Remember me!"

Who else, but a teacher can,

Give selflessly as they do.

And expect nothing in return,

For the efforts that they do.

As life goes on we realise,

What each one meant to us.

We are just because of them,

Or we would have missed the bus.

On Teachers Day, remembering my teachers with heartfelt gratitude, respect & love

-- Vipin 'Ilahabadi' Sharma

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