Age Is A Crazy Number...

Age Is A Crazy Number...

Age is a crazy number, we say, not just to add or subtract, day today

Cleanse views, be right & not bound, for throwing your weight around

What's there in your name, yet carve our routes to build the Sir@name

Books on shelf, don't refract, what you read, as words reflect your head

Sun rays shower morning muse ,hopes along ,to bring smiles, so strong

Laughter within, fathoms depth of heart, rolling tears do shear you apart

Chirping birds are music to ears, swing & sing ,in vibrant colour's wear

Reach their day's defined destinations , swiftly move to own creations

Follow belief system, as imbibed in mind, enrich love enroute & remind

To invoke Blessings of lord, in nest, grow the bonds, by passion's invest

Prayers are the bridges to salvation, face wandering thoughts invasion

Envision spectrum of sky always, to fulcrum canvas in brightened ways

We traverse our own destined pathways, share compassion, empathy rays

Spread positivity & boost hope's domains, as *Deep* impacts supply chains


-- Gp Capt Pradeep Agnihotri/New Delhi

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