Zika Positivity Rate Dipping In Uttar Pradesh

Zika Positivity Rate Dipping In Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow, Nov 19 (TNA) Owing to the wide-scale preventative measures including comprehensive surveillance and doorstep surveys throughout the state, the Zika Test Positivity Rate — which shows the levels of infection among the people — has followed a steady decline, a state government spokesman said on Friday.

Indicating a consistent decline in the number of fresh Zika virus cases, the state is currently left with 55 patients infected with the virus. As a result of the efficient screening, testing and containment measures implemented by the Uttar Pradesh government, the Zika test positivity rate in places like Prayagraj, Jhansi, Kannauj and Kanpur is recording a consistent decline.

To eliminate the spread of the Zika virus, under the stringent containment mechanism implemented by the government, the health workers are carrying out the extensive exercise of mass-scale sanitisation, state-wide surveillance drives, spraying of anti-larva chemicals, fogging and cleanliness drives.

The health workers have been paying door-to-door visits to identify patients with viral fever, vector-borne diseases and with other symptoms. The authorities are also working to create awareness on preventative measures to curb Zika with the help of posters.

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