Yogi Government Claims UP Faring Far Better Than The Other States, Developed Countries In Tackling COVID!

Yogi Government Claims UP Faring Far Better Than The Other States, Developed Countries In Tackling COVID!

Lucknow, April 28 (TNA) At a time that the state is reeling under a severe and lethal second wave of the Coronavirus and people are dying in large numbers in absence of adequate beds, oxygen and life-saving injections, drugs, the Uttar Pradesh government on Wednesday evening claimed that the situation in the state was "better than UK, Brazil, Spain, Italy and France" and that "deaths in Delhi, Maharashtra 10 times more than in UP".

Shocked? Don't be, as this claim was made by the government through a communique released by its PR wing. The press release went on to read that as the new strain of Covid-19 continues to take its heavy toll on human lives across the country, the Uttar Pradesh Government led by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is working overtime to ensure prompt testing and treatment of Covid patients in the state in order to minimise the damage.

In comparison to developed countries also with the same volume of population, the UP’s figures are much better. The positive cases reported in Brazil, France, Italy, Spain and England are 143.40 lakh, 54.98, 39.62, 34.68, and 44.04 lakh respectively.
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"It is because of the UP Government’s initiatives undertaken in the past one year that the state’s figures in terms of Covid testing, positive cases or deaths, are much better and far less scary than many others states in India and even the developed Western world with the same population level" the statement further said.

In terms of testing, Uttar Pradesh tops among states with 2.25 lakh samples tested daily and 40 million tested so far, against 17 million in Delhi, 25 million in Karnataka and 26 million in Maharashtra. It went on to detail.

Similarly, in terms of Covid deaths and positive cases also, the condition of UP is far less scary than many other states despite the fact that UP is one of the most densely populated states in India, the study points out.

In terms of deaths for example, UP reports 47.51 deaths per million which is almost 10 times less than in Delhi with 459.61 deaths and more than 10 times less than in Maharashtra with 513.96 deaths. It is also less than Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh with 206.08,173.80 and 83.82 deaths per million respectively.

Besides, the number of deaths in UP due to Covid is much smaller than in many developed countries including the UK, Italy, Germany, Brazil and Spain where the deaths per million are 1863, 1970, 972, 1828 and 1659 per one million population respectively.

Similarly, in positive cases also, UP lags behind many other states including even Kerala. There are altogether 10.86 lakh positive cases in UP against 42.95 lakh in Maharashtra, 14.05 lakh in Kerala and 13.39 lakh in Karnataka.

The total number of positive cases as of now in the state of UP is 33551 with the positivity rate recorded at 17.96 percent on April 26. It is worth mentioning here that the state received a large number of workers last month on the occasion of Holi.

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