Yamuna's Time Will Also Come, Be Patient: Jal Purush Rajendra Singh

Yamuna's Time Will Also Come, Be Patient: Jal Purush Rajendra Singh

Agra, July 3 (TNA) Expressing concern over the plight of the Yamuna river and the government's apathy, Jal Purush Rajendra Singh, while participating in a special aarti ceremony on Wednesday, assured the River Connect Campaign members that Yamuna's time will also come and the lifeline of Braj Mandal will regain its lost glory.

Rajendra Singh said that the utter indifference towards the environment and rivers in India is a cause for concern. The time has come for the common people to join the campaign and increase pressure on the administration for the conservation of rivers. Cultures and civilisations have flourished on the banks of rivers. Festivals and celebrations have been held on the banks of rivers. Rivers should flow uninterrupted, without obstacles, Singh said.

River Connect Campaign convenor Braj Khandelwal, while honouring Jal Purush, demanded a national river policy. Dr Debashish Bhattacharya thanked and said that only by creating continuous pressure, the government will be able to follow the recent orders of the Supreme Court for cleaning the river.

Anil Sharma, Dr Anand Rai, Rajiv Gupta, Chaturbhuj Tiwari, Rahul Raj, Jagan Prasad Teheria, Shahtosh Gautam, Meera Khandelwal, Padmini Iyer, Mukul Pandey, Gopal Singh, Ankush Dave etc. were present in the program.

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