Virtual Book Launch of “You Can Impact The Magic of Metamorphosis”

Virtual Book Launch of “You Can Impact The Magic of Metamorphosis”

New Delhi/Lucknow, November 22 (TNA) The virtual world on Wednesday witnessed the launch of an inspirational book, “You Can Impact: The Magic of Metamorphosis”, featuring renowned Communication Coach Dr. Gopika Kumar as the Lead Contributor along with eight Co-Authors chosen from across the country from different fields of interest.

A co-author of the book is a Lucknowite Asif Zaman Rizvi, a multi-faceted individual who has dedicated his life to the realms of communication, education, training, counseling and social-work. "You Can Impact: The Magic of Metamorphosis" shows us how powerful we are in transforming ourselves. It's a reminder of the amazing ability each of us has to change for the better.

In our ever-changing lives, the decisions we make often act like signposts, showing the way our life is going. Sometimes, when we stop and think, we realize that it's time for a change. The book is a celebration of the untapped potential within each individual, aiming to inspire with the momentum of hope, courage, and action.

The lead author, with approximately 20 years of experience, stands as an established trainer, speaker, coach, writer, mentor, and researcher in personal development. Her journey transformed from academia to becoming a successful trainer, author, and motivational speaker. Specializing in Soft Skills Training and Behavioral Skills Training, Dr. Gopika Kumar has conducted numerous training programs for the corporate sector, making a significant impact in the field.

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