Varanasi Police Experimenting With Drones To Sort Out Chaotic Traffic In Holy City

Varanasi Police Experimenting With Drones To Sort Out Chaotic Traffic In Holy City

Varanasi, July 14 (TNA) The most ancient city on earth - Varanasi is a nightmare for drivers. Anyone who has been to the holy city would convey to you the horrors of driving through the maddening traffic and chaotic roads. Not anymore as the the police officers of the Commissionerate are conducting a drone survey of the major and traffic routes of Varanasi city.

After the drone survey is completed, its report will be prepared and placed before the traffic officials. After which some concrete measures will be taken to remove the traffic jams in the city.

It is a challenging task to fix or maintain the traffic system anywhere. At the same time, due to increasing traffic in Varanasi, there is a problem of jam at many places, an official pointed out. And so while all the schools, colleges and educational institutions are closed now due to the ongoing pandemic, it takes hours to cover a distance of few minutes.

In view of this, efforts are being made to get rid of the problem of traffic jams by undertaking drone surveys of the major roads of the city by changing the traffic routes etc.

These changes will be tried from the first Monday of the holy month of Saawan, it was further informed. If the changes made will improve the traffic system, then it will be implemented forever even on normal days afterwards, a high-ranking official informed.

A team of five technically skilled police personnel has been deployed to survey the major roads of the city by drones, which are taking pictures of the routes and doing videography so as to know So how many and what kind of vehicles are coming and going on these routes at different times. Which routes are more crowded during peak times?

Also, how many two wheelers and four wheelers are there. During peak times or when there is more traffic, then from where and from which diversions vehicles can be removed at that time. All these things are being taken care of through the spade work as of now.

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