Uttar Pradesh Earns Top Slot In Domestic Tourist Footfalls

Uttar Pradesh Earns Top Slot In Domestic Tourist Footfalls

LUCKNOW || Adding another feather in its cap, Uttar Pradesh has earned the top position in terms of attracting the highest number of domestic tourists in the year 2019, an official of the state government said on Monday. Last year, the state was in the second position as far as domestic tourism is concerned.

As per Indian Tourism Statistics of the year 2020 that is calculated on the foot fall of Indian tourists, as many as 53,58,55,162 domestic tourists visited UP in 2019. UP also ranked third in attracting foreign tourists to the state with a total of 47,45,181 tourists visiting the state.

The emphasis of UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on the tourism borne fruits as the latest statistics suggest. UP offers an immense opportunity for tourism by virtue as there are many places of religious, cultural, historical and wildlife interests.

On directives of the CM, a number of circuits have been identified in the state and some of the important are Ramayan circuit, Brij circuit, Mahabharat circuit, Shaktipeeth circuit, Adhyatmik circuit, Jain circuit and Buddhist circuit.

Special emphasis is being given on the up gradation of the tourist places falling in these circuits and renovation and beautification is being carried out through the various schemes of the tourism department of the centre, state and the district.

The state government is organising various festivals and fares to promote these places and is also publicising them extensively so that the visitors and devotees have a memorable and pleasant visit.

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