UP Government Makes New Rules Of Keeping Dogs, Releases List Of New Conditions

UP Government Makes New Rules Of Keeping Dogs, Releases List Of New Conditions

Lucknow, March 2 (TNA) The government has now made the rules for keeping dogs more strict. Along with seizing the dog of the owners who do not follow the rules, the owner will be held responsible for the behavior of the dog. At the same time, the owner will also have to give an affidavit that the pet will not cause any trouble to anyone because of the dog. The affidavit will also have to mention keeping the dog chained while taking it out.

Registration of breeders of country dogs (desi) will be done without any fee. Along with this, sterilization and the first vaccination will be done. Individuals and residential groups having five or more stray dogs will be treated at par with shelter homes and will have to follow the guidelines laid down by the Animal Welfare Board of India

Principal Secretary Urban Development Amrit Abhijat has issued the new Model Operating Procedure (SOP) related to registration of dogs to all bodie in which the owner has been made responsible for cleaning the public place on a regular basis. Along with this, every year vaccination and after the age of one year, it will also have to be sterilized.

In fact, several incidents of dog attacks have come to the fore in the last few months. In view of this, the government has made rules to be strict. According to the new rule, the pet dog license will be available for one year only. If the validity of the dog's anti-rabies vaccination expires while the license is valid, the license will automatically be deemed to be revoked.

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