UP Freed From The BIMARU State Tag: Yogi Adityanath

UP Freed From The BIMARU State Tag: Yogi Adityanath

Lucknow, February 8 (TNA) Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath, on Thursday, said that labelling UP as BIMARU was a “political mindset” and highlighted the transformative shift in perspective, noting that Uttar Pradesh has now become the second-largest economy in the country. “Our current objective is to propel UP into the position of the leading economy in the nation," Yogi emphasized.

Addressing the curtain raiser ceremony of the second edition of the International Trade Show held at Lok Bhavan, the Chief Minister said, “Traditional craftsmen, artisans, and young entrepreneurs in the state who were once disappointed now have enthusiasm on their faces. UP's ODOP scheme has now become the foundation of a self-reliant India.”

On this occasion, he inaugurated 13 projects of industrial estates and ODOP CFCs. He also honoured traditional artisans and craftsmen from various districts. During his address, CM Yogi expressed gratitude to the MSME department, extended congratulations to new entrepreneurs, and bestowed honours upon skilled craftsmen and artisans in the state. He highlighted the success of last year's International Trade Show in Greater Noida, which set a new record and served as a robust platform to showcase Uttar Pradesh's potential.

He said, “For the first time, more than 500 foreign buyers participated, and it engaged around 70,000 people with a footfall of 3 lakh.” He announced that the second edition of the International Trade Show will take place in Greater Noida from September 25 to 29. Through this event, Uttar Pradesh is once again going to demonstrate its capabilities to the global community.

CM Yogi mentioned that artisans, craftsmen, and young entrepreneurs in Uttar Pradesh had the capability, but they lacked encouragement from the government and a suitable platform. The state had numerous units of MSMEs for centuries, but due to continuous government neglect and ‘Inspector Raj,’ entrepreneurs were distressed and forced to migrate.

“In 2018, we initiated the ODOP scheme, enabling traditional industries to enter the market and providing technological support. As a result, UP's ODOP has now become a unique scheme in the country. ODOP has become the foundation stone of a self-reliant India, bringing pride to Uttar Pradesh”, Yogi added.

The Chief Minister noted the positive transformation among young entrepreneurs who were previously discouraged. Today, they are filled with excitement and confidence, believing that their products are ready for global competition. Underlining the significant growth in exports from Rs 86 thousand crores to Rs 2 lakh crores, he highlighted the resulting increase in employment opportunities.

“To boost up young entrepreneurs, we have started Mukhyamantri Yuva Udyami Yojana in this budget, under which interest-free loans are being provided,” he added. CM Yogi further informed that on February 19, the Prime Minister will inaugurate the fourth Ground Breaking Ceremony (GBC) of UP. On this occasion, the foundation stone of schemes worth Rs 10 lakh crore will be laid in a single day. This initiative will directly provide jobs to 33 lakh youth of the state.

The Chief Minister extended an invitation to all young entrepreneurs to participate in the second edition of the International Trade Show, scheduled for September in Greater Noida. He urged them to witness UP’s potential during the trade show. He said that despite so much happening in the state, people used to say that UP is not progressing. However, by showcasing our capabilities at the International Trade Show, no one will consider UP as an underdeveloped state. “Today, UP has risen above the category of a BIMARU state,” he stated.

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