Twenty-Six PPS Officers In UP Okayed For Promotion To IPS

Twenty-Six PPS Officers In UP Okayed For Promotion To IPS

Lucknow, August 22 (TNA) 26 officers of the Provincial Police Service (PPS) will soon be promoted to IPS cadre. In a meeting of the Departmental Promotion Committee held on Monday in the presence of officers of the Union Ministry of Personnel, discussions were held on promoting PPS officers of the year 1993 and 1994 batch to the IPS cadre.

It has been agreed to promote 26 Provincial Police Service (PPS) officers to the IPS cadre. In this, the names of 13 officers were not considered due to the compulsion of completing the age limit to become IPS. On the other hand, the envelope of a PPS officer Sanjay Kumar was kept closed due to an ongoing departmental inquiry.

The officers who have been given consent to be promoted from PPS to IPS cadre include 16 PPS officers of the year 1993 batch, including Sultanpur Additional Superintendent of Police Vipul Kumar Srivastava, Pankaj, Vidyasagar Mishra, Ghanshyam, Anand Kumar, Rajesh Kumar, Basant Lal, Ravi Shankar Nim, Mahendra Pal Singh, Nidhi Sonkar, Ram Suresh, Mohammad Tariq, Hargovind Mishra, Sanjay Yadav, Pradeep Kumar and Sushil Kumar.

Apart from this, 10 Additional Superintendents of Police Ashutosh Mishra, Dr. Rajeev Dixit, Kunwar Gyananjay Singh, Ashutosh Dwivedi, Arun Kumar Singh, Durgesh Kumar, Vinod Kumar Pandey, Neeraj Kumar Pandey, Ram Nayan Singh and Surendra Nath Tiwari have been okayed for promotion.

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