Tribals Want To Integrate With The Mainstream Society

Tribals Want To Integrate With The Mainstream Society

Agra, Dec 5 (TNA) Tribal communities need to be integrated with the mainstream aspirational model, rather than remain isolated as islands of diverse sociocultural value system. This has been the consensus of opinion among social activists and professionals associated with SPHEEHA, an Agra based NGO that concluded its ten day long camp in Rajborari Estate, a cluster of ten villages in the tribal heart land of Madhya Pradesh.

The 10-day camp was conducted in partnership with D.E.I. (Deemed University) and Rajaborari Estate to deliver a series of welfare programmes like Medical Camps, educational workshops in the state of art technology including training in drone technology, self-defence for girls, job placement assistance for the youth, monitoring of the Air and water quality levels and tree plantations.

A local tribal leader said “education and health facilities provided to our community had greatly benefitted the members. Our girls were keen to secure education and serve society.” Rani, a sixteen year old tribal girl said she wanted to become a doctor, while Teju, a keen sportsperson wanted to join the armed forces.

Activists working in the camp said the availability of modern technology, had ushered in a new era and the tribals now wanted to become integral part of the mainstream society. The sensitisation programme conducted by Experts from various fields who interacted with hundreds of tribals to pass on the skills and modern techniques to end the drudgeries to some extent had brought about a huge change in the outlook of the locals.

The greatest service one can render to humanity is to serve the people for their upliftment and development. This camp has been organised to further our goal of sustainable management of life support ecosystems to protect and preserve the physical environment for cultural, emotional and spiritual well-being of all communities and it is in-line with the government’s vision of development. We want our communities to be self-sufficient in every respect and SPHEEHA is actively supporting and sponsoring various socio-economic and employment opportunities at Rajaborarithereby helping sustain the unique ‘Rural Economic Zone’ it has evolved into.
M A Pathan, President of the SPHEEHA

Their confidence received a boost after a team of Allopathic, Homeopathic and Ayurvedic practitioners provided free consultations and medicines. Rajiv Narain, a key resource person said participation in sports was considered the vehicle for upward social mobility for the minorities and hence budding sports enthusiasts were provided training in various sports and encouraged to participate in the forthcoming Chief Minister's Cup to be held in December.

To this effect a volleyball tournament, "Sahyog, Sanghatan, Safalta Cup" between 36 teams from various tribal villages of the area was successfully conducted during the camp. More than a 1000 students joined the sporting events.

Not only Self-defence training for girls and young students but also combative roles in Defence Forces were organised by a team of experts to improve their confidence, build perseverance and improve their physical and mental fitness.

Professors of D.E.I (Deemed University) conducted workshops in state-of-the-art technologies including the usage of drones and computers. “They are also regularly monitoring the local air and water quality. SPHEEHA volunteers are conducting CV writing and interview skills workshops and have also organised placement assistance for the qualified youth by inviting companies for recruitment,” Shabd Mishra, an official said.

SPHEEHA, a registered Society for Preservation of Healthy Environment and Ecology and Heritage of Agra ,has been conducting various activities for the upliftment of local communities, particularly in the tribal heartland of Madhya Pradesh in close collaboration with RadhasoamiSatsang Sabha, Dayalbagh, Agra and has also been associated with Rajaborari Estate, a cluster of 10 tribal villages adjoining the Jungles/Forestry Natural Resources (of which Felling-rights of Wood, lying within the Forestry Natural Resources Only),have since 09.11.2022 been handed over to the Government of Madhya Pradesh.

However, Abadi/Dwelling & Agriculture Land of district Harda continue to be owned and managed by Radhasoami Satsang Sabha, Dayalbagh, Agra right since 1919, with a spirit of service to mankind.

Finance Minister Suresh Khanna on Monday placed before the House the demand for supplementary grants for the financial year 2022-23 on the first day of the winter session of the Vidhansabha. The proposed supplementary demand is ₹ 3378954.67 lakh, in which revenue account is ₹ 1375684.28 lakh and capital account is ₹ 2001270.39 lakh

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