Tamil Student Group Of Kashi Tamil Sangamam II Visits Sarnath

Tamil Student Group Of Kashi Tamil Sangamam II Visits Sarnath

Varanasi, December 19 (TNA) The Kashi Tamil Sangamam II delegation group comprising students from Tamil Nadu visited Sarnath, one of the four major Buddhist pilgrimage sites, and learned about its centuries-old history and heritage, on Monday.

They visited the Dhamek Stupa, founded by Emperor Ashoka in 249 BC and the Mulgandha Kuti Vihar Temple, built by the Sri Lankan Mahabodhi Society in 1931. The students were mesmerized by visiting the Ashoka Pillar, the national symbol of India.

Later in the evening, the group will gather for a cultural event in Varanasi and a cruise along the Ganga. During the cruise, the features of the Ghats will be explained to them. The second phase of the Kashi Tamil Sangamam will continue till 30th December 2023.

Last year, the first phase of Kashi Tamil Sangamam was organized from 16th November to 16th December 2022. Nearly 1400 (7 Groups of 200 persons each) people are expected to be travelling from different parts of Tamil Nadu, representing varied walks of life. During their stay in Kashi, as per their tour itinerary, they will also visit Prayagraj and Ayodhya.

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