So Far Action Taken On 1.29 Lakh Loudspeakers In Uttar Pradesh the state

So Far Action Taken On 1.29 Lakh Loudspeakers In Uttar Pradesh the state

72,509 loudspeakers removed from religious places, sound of 56,558 loudspeakers controlled, 13145 loudspeakers given to schools, 1583 loudspeakers handed over for public address system

Lucknow, June 10 (TNA) Uttar Pradesh has set an example in the country in bringing down loudspeakers. Action was taken on more than 1.29 lakh loudspeakers in the state. Loudspeakers installed at religious places have either been taken down or their sound has been controlled. Loudspeakers dropped from religious places have also been assigned to schools and public address systems.

During the statewide campaign in Uttar Pradesh, 72,509 loudspeakers were launched from various religious places and the sound of 56,558 loudspeakers has been controlled. 13145 loudspeakers have been handed over to the schools for their utilization. Also 1583 loudspeakers have been given for public address system.

On April 23, the state government had issued orders to remove loudspeakers from religious places. On an order of the Allahabad High Court, the state government started a statewide campaign.

The entire campaign was conducted peacefully, interacting with religious leaders from different communities. During the campaign everyone was made aware about the noise pollution caused by loudspeakers. Giving a good message to the society, religious leaders gave their support in removing loudspeakers.

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