Shia Cleric Kalbe Jawad Objects To Police Circular On Moharram, Accuses DGP Of Trying To "Incite Riots"

Shia Cleric Kalbe Jawad Objects To Police Circular On Moharram, Accuses DGP Of Trying To "Incite Riots"

Lucknow, August 2 (TNA) The generally soft-spoken Shia cleric Maulana Kalbe Jawwad, was seething with anger on Monday as he interacted with the media, putting forth his outright rejection of a circular issued by the Lucknow Police with regards to the forthcoming Moharram observed by Muslims.

Demanding that the chief minister take immediate action against the DGP Mukul Goyal, the respected cleric accused the top cop of trying to "incite riots". Naqvi, General Secretary of Majlis-e-Ulema-e-Hind, while addressing a press conference at his residence in Johari Mohalla, strongly objected to the controversial circular issued by the police administration in the wake of Muharram.

Addressing reporters, Maulana said that Muharram is our holy month which has very peaceful and holy events and charged the police administration of attempting to tarnish the image of Muharram and Shias through circulars which contained extremely insulting words. "DGP Uttar Pradesh has issued this circular without understanding the spirit and spirit of Muharram which we strongly condemn' the cleric said.

He went on to say that the police administration has written in the circular that Tabarra is recited in Muharram processions which is objected to by people from other communities and mischievous elements join the procession and added that this statement of DGP is a conspiracy to defame Muharram and an attempt to foment trouble between Shias and Sunnis.

Muharram is a holy and sad month, it is not a festival in which people enjoy by smoking cannabis or drinking alcohol. Muharram is a month of grief and mourning in which both Shias and Sunnis commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussain and his companions but Hindus also join and mourn, he pointed out.

"This statement has created Shia and Sunni tension in the whole of Uttar Pradesh. If any incident occurs anywhere, the entire responsibility will be with the DGP of Uttar Pradesh" the cleric forewarned. He questioned the DGP on what he knew about Tabarra? Do you know the history of Muharram or not? Or was the circular issued in the air ?, he said further.

DGP Uttar Pradesh should present evidence as to where Tabarra is recited in processions. Nauhas are recited in processions, mourning takes place, mourning is observed, he informed. Maulana Jawad also strongly objected and condemned the statement of the police which said that sexual incidents take place in Muharram programs.

Maulana appealed to all mourning Anjumans, religious organizations, Shia and Sunni and Hindu Tazidars in Uttar Pradesh that unless the police administration apologises for this controversial and insulting circular and withdraws it, they should not go to any meetings convened by the Police.

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