Seventy-One Employees Found Missing At KDA Office As Commissioner Makes A Surprise Visit

Seventy-One Employees Found Missing At KDA Office As Commissioner Makes A Surprise Visit

Kanpur, December 9 (TNA) 71 employees at the Kanpur Development Authority (KDA) were found missing from their office between 10:25 am to 10:45 am when the divisional commissioner Raj Shekhar made a surprise visit at its office on Wednesday.

The divisional commissioner was accompanied by VC KDA, Secretary KDA, Chief Engineer KDA and other officers.

Around 40 to 50% Staff & Supervisory Officers were found absent during this time. Commissioner marked absent to all those and asked VC to stop their salary and issue show cause notice to them and get reply in 3 days and to send him a detailed report.

He also found that most of the attendance register were not “Seen & Verified” by the Incharge officer of that section, thereby showing poor supervision by the In-charge senior officers. Commissioner also asked VC to get it streamlined and to ensure that the incharge officer “Check & Verify” the Attendance register on daily basis by 10 am without fail.

The commissioner also interacted with the public who were coming to KDA for various works. One family came to KDA for the disposal of their case. They told Commissioner that their case is pending since last 4 months and they have visited KDA several time. Commissioner took details of the case and asked VC to get the issue resolved and report sent to Commissioner by today evening.

To assist the public as also to resolve their grievances in time, Commissioner asked to display at appropriate places in the section the name, designation and mobile number of the supervisory officers, in charge officers & nodal officers of every section so that people are aware and can reach out the Senior officers to get their issue resolved in time.

Commissioner also asked VC to display a large board at the entry point inside the building in next 10 days mentioning the section/department wise name, designation, mobile numbers, officer room number etc of all supervisory, In-charge and nodal officers so that people can reach out to the officer for resolving their problems in time.

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