Sadhguru Appeals To IIT Kanpur Students To Stand Up For Soil

Sadhguru Appeals To IIT Kanpur Students To Stand Up For Soil

Kanpur, June 8 (TNA) Students at IIT-Kanpur hosted Sadhguru on campus for a special Youth and Truth session on Day 80 of the 100-day Save Soil journey. En route to Jhansi, Sadhguru met with faculty and staff at the university in an interactive Q&A session where he spoke about wide ranging topics from mental health to legalizing marijuana, the role of the modern-day educator and more.

In a gripping two-hour session, Sadhguru candidly addressed the students of IIT-Kanpur drawing attention to the significance of pursuing something with wholehearted dedication rather than choosing a career based on social prescriptions of prestige.

Responding to a question from the student panel about mental health, Sadhguru joked that though this will make him unpopular, whatever experiences are happening within us are fundamentally our responsibility. He stressed on the importance of seeing this responsibility to be able to address such issues and spoke about the basic longing of every life to reach its fullest potential.

To the age-old debate about whether or not marijuana should be legalized, Sadhguru quipped that rather than calling it ‘getting high,’ it should be called ‘getting low’ because it lowers one’s perception. He went on to explain that he is not against marijuana but against an inefficient life.

To a question about the pressures introverts are faced with to socialize, Sadhguru highlighted the importance of maintaining a flexible personality that allows one the freedom to choose how to be as the situation requires rather than having a fixed personality that he compares to being in a straitjacket.

After a host of intriguing questions from the audience, Sadhguru closed the session with an appeal to the students of IIT-Kanpur to keep their voice raised for the soil that has nourished our lives. He insisted on the need for this to be a lifelong love affair as an expression of our concern and responsibility for the life that is around us and the life that should be beyond us.

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