Robbers Strike Again In Agra: Doctor Couple Tied, House Looted

Robbers Strike Again In Agra: Doctor Couple Tied, House Looted

Agra, Sep 19 (TNA) Fearless criminals have struck once again at Agra. This time they jumped the gate and barged into the house of a doctor couple, held them hostage and decamped with jewellery and cash. According to information available, the masked miscreants struck at the house of radiologist Dr Jaswant Rai in Agra's Housing Development Colony Sector 2.

Dr. Jaswant Rai, his wife Dr. Sunita Sagar and his younger brother Anuj's bride Seema Sagar were present at home. As soon as the miscreants came, they injured Dr Rai by hitting them with the butt of the pistol.

The miscreants locked the family in a room by tying their hands and taped their feet and mouth. with tape. Eight lakh rupees in cash and jewellery worth about 12 lakh rupees were looted.

The incident happened around 8:30 pm on Saturday. Dr. Jaswant Rai has an ultrasound center in the name of Dr. Rai in Shaheed Nagar. He told the police that he was having food at the dining table. Wife Sunita Sagar and younger brother's wife Seema Sagar were present at the house. Seema Sagar is the tax superintendent in Municipal Corporation Firozabad.

The miscreants entered the house by jumping the main gate and entered the house. When Dr. Rai tried to escape, a robber hit him on the head with the butt of a gun, causing him to fall to the ground bleeding. The miscreants dragged him and Seema to a room.

Victims told that after the miscreants ran away, with great difficult, they reached out with tied hands, removing the tape from their mouth and making noise. On giving information to the people, SSP Muniraj G. Reached the spot with force. The boundaries of the district have been sealed and the police is on hot pursuit of the robbers.

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