'Road Ambulances' To Improve 'Health' Of Roads In Uttar Pradesh

'Road Ambulances' To Improve 'Health' Of Roads In Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow, December 24 (TNA) To improve the health of the roads, the Yogi government is set to roll out an ambitious scheme of Road Ambulances soon, an official said on Thursday. The State Government is going to give a new pace to the campaign to rid the roads of potholes as the Public Works Department (PWD) is going to deploy road ambulances under a pilot project in about half-a-dozen districts of the state.

With the deployment of road ambulances, the state government is going to redefine the upkeep, standards and maintenance of roads in UP, the official further claimed. Along with making the roads pit free, the government plans to prevent major damage by immediately repairing the damaged roads. With the presence of road ambulances, the government is also going to take care of regular security, cleaning and maintenance of roads.

A road ambulance equipped with all the technical and gang related road construction including mixes, generators, is being built at a cost of more than Rs 40 lakhs. It is touted to be the most modern road ambulance used in any state of the country.

About a dozen road ambulances will be wheeled out in the first phase. Road ambulances will be deployed in about half a dozen metros of the state including Lucknow, Kanpur in the first phase. The Public Works Department is preparing to launch road ambulances on the roads after January.

According to departmental officials, 3 to 4 employees will be deployed in the road ambulance along with all the technical facilities and repair materials for road repair. The ambulance itself will repair it in case the roads are damaged.

On the basis of information provided by the people, the road will be repaired by reaching the spot. It is worth noting that the Yogi government is constantly campaigning to make the roads free of potholes along with laying new roads throughout the state.

The road ambulance scheme is considered as a major step of the state government in this direction. Road ambulance schemes can become a vision towards making the roads of UP free of potholes.

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