Pump Storage Power Projects Worth Around ₹67K To Add 13,250 MW Of Renewable Energy To UP’s Total Power Generation

Pump Storage Power Projects Worth Around ₹67K To Add 13,250 MW Of Renewable Energy To UP’s Total Power Generation

GBC Set to Transform UP into a Powerhouse of Renewable Energy

Lucknow, February 12 (TNA) A historic moment in the realm of renewable energy generation is on the horizon with the upcoming Ground Breaking Ceremony (GBC) scheduled for February 19, 2024. This ceremony marks the commencement of Pumped Storage Power (PSP) generation, propelling Uttar Pradesh towards achieving the status of a power surplus state. The State government's nod to eight PSP projects, with six located in Sonbhadra and two in Mirzapur and Chandauli districts, sets the stage for transformative progress.

During the GBC, work will kick off on eight mega projects, boasting a collective capacity of 13,250 megawatts. Visionary entities like the Greenko Group producing 3660 MW, Torrent Group Producing 4150 MW, JSW neo energy 1200 MW, ACME Cleantech Solutions 1500 MW, Amunra Infratech and Agritech Pvt. Ltd producing 1620 MW and Avaada Water Battery Pvt. Ltd. producing 1120 MW, are spearheading these initiatives, contributing significantly to the renewable energy sector's burgeoning capacity in Uttar Pradesh.

For the projects in Sonbhadra, water will be sourced from the Sone River, while those in Mirzapur and Chandauli will utilize the resources from the Adwa Dam and Musakhand Dam, respectively.vThe energy epicentre of UP, district Sonbhadra, will witness the majority of these groundbreaking projects. PSP, often referred to as a "water battery," stands out as an environment-friendly and sustainable energy source.

Among the notable PSP ventures in the renewable sector is Greenko's 3600-megawatt plant in Gurar, Sonbhadra district. Approved in May 2023, this off-stream closed-loop pumped storage project along the Sone River promises to be a game-changer. The project is poised to make a transformative impact in Obra Block's villages, including Gurar, Garwa, Pindari, Ranideho, Muhuna, and Baijnath.

Torrent Power has established a 1750 MW pump storage plant on River Sone located in the natural surroundings of Sonbhadra District, Uttar Pradesh. The pump storage project is a clean, green, safe & environment-friendly project that produces high-quality firm, flexible, and dispatchable power. The project does not transform/damage the riverine ecosystem. The project has a low up-front cost and the cost of power storage is also low. It is a closed-loop pump-storage project that produces low cost accessible & renewable energy. Torrent Power pledges to conduct CSR activities in the nearby area to uplift the socio-economic fabric of the region.

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