Protective QR Code To Be Used In UP Board Exam Answer Sheets This Time

Protective QR Code To Be Used In UP Board Exam Answer Sheets This Time

Lucknow, February 1 (TNA) Preparations have started for the board exams to be held from 22nd February. For the first time, room inspectors are being given IDs containing QR codes. The efforts to make UP Board examinations cheating-free have intensified.

For the first time in the examination, a protective QR code has been used on the answer sheets, board logo and coding on the cover page. It is being printed in four colours along with page numbers on the copies.

Not only this, for the first time the room inspectors are also being given computerized identity cards containing QR codes. This will make it easier to coordinate with room inspectors. Secretary of Secondary Education Council, Divyakant Shukla said that this time the centre administrators are being trained to ensure proper arrangement of examinations.

8265 examination centres, 55 lakh candidates

29,47,325 students have registered for the high school examination of UP Board and 25,77,965 for the intermediate i.e. a total of 55,25,290 students have registered. 8,265 examination centres have been set up across the state. Of these, the number of government examination centres is 566, examination centres of funded colleges are 3,479 and examination centres of unfunded colleges are 4,220.

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