Poor Management Of Coronavirus Pandemic By Kejriwal Has Put UP, NCR At Big Risk: Yogi Adityanath

Poor Management Of Coronavirus Pandemic By Kejriwal Has Put UP, NCR At Big Risk: Yogi Adityanath

Lucknow, Nov 20 (TNA) The Yogi Adityanath government on Friday launched a scathing attack on the Kejriwal government, accusing it of putting the entire country, specially UP and neighbouring National Capital Region (NCR) at risk with its poor management of the Coronavirus pandemic. "The failures of the Kejriwal government of Delhi in counting the menace of the Coronavirus is now mounting trouble for the entire country" the government said.

The inefficiency in managing the pandemic is now threatening to spin out of control and has endangered many parts of the country including Uttar Pradesh. The biggest impact of the failure of Delhi administration is the danger of fresh and increased infections in the NCR region, neighbouring the union capital, the government alleged.

In view of the situation in Delhi, the Yogi government has increased vigilance in NCR as well as border districts. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has once again issued necessary guidelines to the administration and health department as well as police officers while taking command of the fight against Corona.

The UP government, it was pointed out, has been praised by the WHO, has stepped up the vigil and scaled up efforts against Corona in the border districts. The government has also accelerated contact tracing with record testing capacity and a series of COVID hospitals.

By training doctors and paramedics, he took concrete steps towards controlling Corana. A total of 674 COVID hospitals were built in the state. The total availability of beds in these hospitals has been increased to 1.57 lakhs. As of now, all 75 districts of the state have at least one or more Level-2 Kovid hospitals with provision for ICU beds.

People are afraid of the possibility of Corona spreading in the adjoining areas of Delhi. The people of Noida, Ghaziabad are considering the major failure of the Kejriwal government of Delhi as the reason for increasing Corona trouble.

The condition of Corona in Delhi is deteriorating daily. There is a shortage of doctors in hospitals. ICU beds are also unable to get patients. Thousands of new patients are coming in every day. The death toll is reaching 500 per day, much higher than the government's figure.

On Thursday, the Delhi High Court questioned the working style of the Kejriwal government, reprimanding Corona. The High Court has expressed its displeasure over the arrangements being made for the Corona in Delhi.

But despite this, the Kejriwal government has failed to take strong steps towards curbing COVID-19. It is worth noting that the Kejriwal government has played a big role in spreading Corona in the country by allowing thousands of the Tabligi Jamaat to congregate in Delhi.

Kejriwal did not learn any lesson from the powerful COVID management of the country's largest state, Uttar Pradesh. UP initially had only one testing laboratory in Uttar Pradesh but currently there are more than 234 laboratories including 131 government laboratories in the state.

About 1.75 lakh samples are tested every day. UP has set a record in the entire country by testing the corona at more than 1.30 crore people. The Yogi government immediately procured equipment such as PPE kit, Hyflonasalcanola (HFNC), ventilators, oxygen cylinders for ICUs.

Streamlined ambulance services, online OPD services, tele-medicine and tele-counselling facilities have been provided during Kovid management. Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised CM Yogi for his brilliant strategy on Covid.

The Prime Minister had recently said that the adequate preparations made by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh saved the lives of at least 85,000 people which was unthinkable before 2017. CM Yogi's strategy of managing Covid and providing workers maintenance and employment during this time has also been appreciated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the NITI Aayog.

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