Police Provides Round-The-Clock Security To Family Of Hathras Victim
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Police Provides Round-The-Clock Security To Family Of Hathras Victim

LUCKNOW || Badgered for the poor handling of the Hathras incident where a Dalit girl was allegedly subject to sexual assault, bureaucratic indifference and poor medical treatment, elating to her death last week, the local police has now ordered a 24x7 security for the bereaved family of the victim.

Hathras SSP, Vineet Jaiswal on Monday said that the local police has taken all necessary precautions to ensure that the family is safe and well protected. He further informed that in village Bulgadhi, one-and-a-half section of PAC has been stationed.

The brother of the deceased has been assigned two round-the-clock personal security officers (PSOs) and to ensure that their was no problem or tension in the village additional offices have also been deployed. The force deployed included 15 police constables, two station house officer (SHO) level officers and one deputy SP rank official.

Since the family also has women, two women sub-inspectors and half-a-dozen women constables have also been permanently stationed at the house of the victim, whose death triggered a fire among the opposition and outrage across the nation.

Jaiswal further informed that additional force, if need be and in eventuality of crowd swelling outside the house and when politicians visit, has also been put in place.

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