PM Modi Might Inaugurate Swarveda Mahamandir In Varanasi In December

PM Modi Might Inaugurate Swarveda Mahamandir In Varanasi In December

Varanasi, November 14 (TNA) The grand temple in Varanasi which has a lotus-shaped spire might be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, people privy to the preparations say. The inauguration of the Swarveda Mahamandir might happen on December 18 incidentally has the world's largest meditation center. More than three lakh devotees from across the country and the world are expected to attend the two-day inauguration ceremony.

The huge Sadhana centre Swarveda Mahamandir in Varanasi is a symbol of the wonderful harmony of craft and cutting-edge technology. The construction of the seven-storey Mahamandir, being built in 64 thousand square feet, started about 20 years ago. The main dome is like a giant lotus flower with 125 petals.

In May 2017, 21,000 Kundiya Swarveda Uttarardha Gyan Mahayagya was held at Swarveda Mahamandir Dham. At that time it was also called the largest yagya in history. The nine domes built with the GRC technique in Gujarat are like nine lotuses.

A 100 feet high sandstone statue of Sadgurudev has also been installed in the Mahamandir complex. The carving has been done on pink stones in three lakh square feet which makes it look grand, beautiful and special. Followers across the world are eager to have a glimpse of this divine spiritual centre built with the coordination of ancient architecture.

Couplets of Swaraveda are inscribed on the Makrana stone in the Mahamandir. Five thousand couplets are being engraved on 50 thousand square feet using water jet technology. Along with making the Mahamandir beautiful, full care has also been taken of the architecture. The canal flowing in the east direction is established as a water body.

During PM's possible visit in December, preparations are on to inaugurate Phulwaria Four Lane and the Amul plant under construction in Pindra. The foundation stone of both these projects was also laid by PM Modi. Apart from this, the PM will also dedicate projects related to health services to the people of Kashi.

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