NPG Approves Lucknow Metro's East-West Corridor Between Charbagh And Vasantkunj

NPG Approves Lucknow Metro's East-West Corridor Between Charbagh And Vasantkunj

Lucknow/New Delhi, July 10 (TNA) In yet another promising step towards the expansion of Lucknoiw Metro, the DPR of the East-West corridor (Charbagh to Vasankunj) under Phase 1B of Lucknow Metro, the DPR of the project has been approved by the Network Planning Group (NPG) during a crucial meeting held in Delhi on July 9. Earlier this year in March, the State Government had already granted clearance for this project.

The NPG meeting, chaired by the Additional Secretary, Department of Industrial Policy Promotion, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India was held at Vanijya Bhawan, Delhi.

In the meeting, various types of utilities (water pipe lines, transmission lines, sewer lines, etc.), railway lines, buildings or monuments related to the Archaeology Department, bus stands, multi-modal connectivity using the PM Gati Shakti (PMG) National Master Plan Portal. etc. were discussed, in which no obstacle was found for the construction of East West Corridor Metro.

Through the PM GatiShakti portal, detailed and precise information about various utilities such as railway lines, sewers, drains, protected monuments, highways, bridges, flyovers, etc., that might obstruct metro construction is obtained before on-site testing. This greatly saves time in construction planning.

The estimated completion time for this proposed corridor is 5 years with an estimated cost of ₹5081 crore. The East-West corridor will have 12 metro stations and will connect with the existing North-South corridor at Charbagh Metro station, which will serve as an interchange station.

The NPG meeting included representatives from departments related to the project such as the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Defence, Railways, Environment and Forests, and Finance. Following the NPG, the next major phase is the Public Investment Board, which requires the approval of the project’s DPR by the Central Cabinet after the project’s approval.

The proposed East-West corridor from Charbagh to Vasankunj will have a total corridor length of 11.165 kilometers, with 4.286 kilometers elevated and 6.879 kilometers underground. The corridor will include a total of 12 stations, with 7 underground and 5 elevated stations.

The stations of the E-W Corridor are as follows:

1. Charbagh (Underground)

2. Gautam Buddha Road (Underground)

3. Aminabad (Underground)

4. Pandeyganj (Underground)

5. City Railway Station (Underground)

6. Medical Chauraha (Underground)

7. Chowk (Underground)

8. Thakurganj (Elevated)

9. Balaganj (Elevated)

10. Sarfarazganj (Elevated)

11. Moosabagh (Elevated)

12. Vasankunj (Elevated)

The East-West corridor of Lucknow Metro from Charbagh to Vasankunj will provide connectivity to major locations in old Lucknow such as Aminabad and Chowk. It will also connect other congested areas along its route, offering convenience to the people of Lucknow.

Managing Director, UPMRC Shri Sushil Kumar said that the approval of the East-West Corridor by the NPG is a significant achievement. This project is crucial for urban transportation in Lucknow as well as for the existing metro corridor.

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