Nandi Calls For Single Window System To Be Made More Effective For Investors

Nandi Calls For Single Window System To Be Made More Effective For Investors

District Magistrates and Divisional Commissioners who do not take interest in the meetings of Udyog Bandhu should be reported to the Chief Minister

Lucknow, January 10 (TNA) Industrial Development, Export Promotion, NRI and Investment Promotion Minister Nand Gopal Gupta Nandi has issued instructions to implement the single window system on the ground in Uttar Pradesh on the lines of Gujarat by giving statutory status to state level Udyog Bandhu and district and divisional level Udyog Bandhu.

In order to provide better facilities to the entrepreneurs and investors, more powers should be given to divisional level committees like Udyog Bandhu by decentralizing the powers so that the entrepreneurs do not have to make repeated trips to Lucknow, he underlined.

The minister further said in the proposal sent to the Industrial Development Commissioner and Principal Secretary of Industrial Development that some states like Gujarat have been given powers by making a Single Window Act. He pointed out that in this regard, the state government had earlier conducted a study of the acts prevalent in these states and a proposal had also been made.

Nandi also said that there should be greater decentralization of powers for various types of permissions for entrepreneurs. Mandal level committees like Udyog Bandhu need to be given more powers and further said that it should be ensured that the meetings of district and division level Udyog Bandhu are held on time.

The District Magistrate and Divisional Commissioner themselves should preside over the meeting, he stressed while adding that it should be reviewed regularly at the government level and if any District Magistrate or Divisional Commissioner does not take interest, the matter should be brought to the notice of the Chief Minister.

The minister further added said that in the Global Investors Summit held in Lucknow last year, investment proposals worth about Rs 40 lakh crore were received in Uttar Pradesh. The process of implementing these proposals is underway at a fast pace.

Nandi has also given instructions to speed up these efforts and to take action on these proposals on priority basis to provide a better experience to the investors. The move is set to go a long way in meeting the one trillion dollar economy target of the state.

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