Miss World Ecuador 2024 Meets Rescued Elephants In Agra
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Miss World Ecuador 2024 Meets Rescued Elephants In Agra

Agra, March 7 (TNA) Miss World Ecuador 2024, Sandra Alvarado, visited the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in India for a conservation education tour and met the rescued elephants. Her visit was a meaningful step in collaborating with celebrities regarding raising awareness about wildlife conservation in India.

Sandra Alvarado was 23 years of age when she was crowned the official representative of Ecuador at Miss World 2024. Born and raised in Santo Domingo, Sandra graduated as a lawyer last year. Sandra is also the ambassador of ‘El Rincon del Futuro’, a community organisation that believes ‘action gives power to our voice’. The organisation teaches extra-curricular workshops to foster a healthy environment for children.

During her visit, she had the opportunity to understand the history of rescued elephants at the facility. These majestic animals have been given a second chance at life free from abuse and cruelty. Sandra also engaged in informative sessions with the Wildlife SOS team of elephant care experts and veterinarians, gaining invaluable insights into the critical challenges faced by Asian elephants in India. She also had the opportunity to understand the medical needs of rescued elephants.

She also learned about Wildlife SOS’ ‘Refuse to Ride’ campaign, which seeks to raise awareness amongst the tourists about the dark reality behind elephant ride attractions in India. After her exposure with the elephants, Sandra also expressed interest to visit the Agra Bear Rescue Facility, which is the world’s largest rescue and rehabilitation centre for sloth bears and is currently housing nearly 100 rescued sloth bears. For the first time she got to know the insights of the cruel ‘dancing’ bear trade in India, and how Wildlife SOS resolved the 400-years-old barbaric practice and gave these sloth bears a new life at the rehabilitation centre.

Sandra Alvarado said "My visit to the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation & Care Centre and Agra Bear Rescue Facility was a profound experience. I urge everyone to help the organisation’s efforts to protect and conserve elephants. I believe their cause is very important especially for people to understand the dark reality of elephants in India. I call upon everyone to visit the centres and donate towards the cause."

Geeta Seshamani, Co-founder and Secretary, Wildlife SOS, said, "We were honoured to have Sandra Alvarado visit our sanctuaries. Her support and dedication to the cause of wildlife conservation is truly commendable, and her visit has helped shine a spotlight on the plight of Asian elephants and sloth bears in India."

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