Miscreants Who Threw Acid At Girl In Maharanganj Wounded, Arrested In A Police Encounter

Miscreants Who Threw Acid At Girl In Maharanganj Wounded, Arrested In A Police Encounter

Maharajganj, November 18 (TNA) Under Bhatauli police station, on 16th November at 6:48 pm, 25-year-old Suman Yadav daughter while returning home after visiting her mother from Anil Verma's medicine shop in Maharajganj was splashed with acide by miscreants. The two accused have been shot in an encounter and arrested.

Yadav had been talking to a medicine shop businessman named Anil Verma continuously for the last few years and was in a relationship. Suman Yadav's marriage with Ankit Yadav was scheduled for 10 December 2023 but Anil Verma did not want Suman to go away from him. In a conspiracy to woo Suman back after getting her treated for her minor injuries, he had prepared Ram Vachan, who worked at his shop, to throw acid on her for ₹ 15,000.

Anil Verma had arranged for the acid and surgical gloves to be put in the battery and gave it to Ram Bachchan, with which Ram Bachchan reached the spot at 6:11 in his black Activa. As Anil Verma brought Suman and her mother to the spot, he called Rambachan at 6.47pm and informed him, after which Rambachan tried to throw acid on Suman and her mother, in which acid fell on Suman's face and her mother's hand. .

Anil Verma returned to the spot after 5 minutes where Suman was injured and took her in the car to a private hospital in Gorakhpur for treatment. He also encouraged Suman and her family members not to inform the police. Both the accused have been arrested by the police after collecting sufficient evidence on the basis of CCTV surveillance and information collected.

Ram Bachchan has been shot in the leg in a police encounter and Anil Verma has also been injured in an encounter. The Activa vehicle used in the incident (which also had acid marks on it), the jacket and helmet seen in the CCTV footage have also been recovered from the accused.

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