Mercury Dips A Bit In UP, Drizzle And Dust Storms Predicted On Sunday

Mercury Dips A Bit In UP, Drizzle And Dust Storms Predicted On Sunday

Lucknow, June 2 (TNA) On Saturday, the weather in the state changed a bit and even on Sunday people in the state capital and neighbouring areas woke up to pleasant weather. The heatwave range in many parts of the state has reduced but despite this, the temperature in Jhansi reached 46.9. According to the Meteorological Department, the heatwave period will return.

Amidst the fluctuations in the temperature, the day temperature in Jhansi was recorded at 46.9 degrees Celsius, Kanpur at 45.4 degrees and Orai at 45.8 degrees Celsius. Compared to Friday, the temperature of all three cities has dropped. On Friday, the temperature of Jhansi was recorded at 47.6, Kanpur at 48.2 and Orai at 46.8 degrees. At the same time, the temperature in Prayagraj fell by more than 5 degrees.

The temperature here was recorded at 41.4 degrees Celsius compared to Friday's 46.8 degrees. In Lucknow too, the mercury dropped from 45.2 degrees to 42.2 degrees Celsius. According to Atul Kumar Singh, senior meteorologist of the Regional Meteorological Center, Lucknow, the weather will remain the same till Tuesday. The gradual decrease may continue. After Tuesday, the period of heat wave and severe heat will return.

The night temperature in Jhansi has reached 34.8 degrees. Although there is a slight change in it as compared to Friday's 33.9 degrees, the night remains hot. At the same time, the mercury in Barabanki rose to 27 degrees as compared to Friday's 26 degrees. While the night temperature in Hardoi, Fatehgarh, Fursatganj, Varanasi, Sultanpur and other cities remains above 29 and 30.

There are chances of drizzling on Sunday. Showers may occur in some places. A warning of dust storms and lightning has also been issued. The weather will provide some relief till Tuesday, after which the heat will increase again.

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