Massive Fire In Three-Star Hotel In Varanasi, No Loss Of Lives Reported

Massive Fire In Three-Star Hotel In Varanasi, No Loss Of Lives Reported

Varanasi, September 6 (TNA) A massive fire broke out at a three-star hotel, Hari Vilas on Tuesday night. The tourists and employees inside however saved their lives by running out in time before the fire spread. Scared by the high flames, people living in adjacent houses also fled their houses.

The fire was so severe that it took seven fire brigade vehicles an hour to extinguish it. No loss of life has been reported. The cause of the fire is said to be short-circuit. Vijay Modi's four-storey hotel Hari Vilas is in the Srinagar Colony of Laksa police station area. There is a kitchen on the ground floor, a restaurant above it and a rooftop for parties on the top. It also has 27 rooms.

At around 3:30 in the night, a spark arose from the corner of the first floor, which turned into fire within a short time. By the time the people present in the hotel came to know about it, the fire had engulfed the fibre and wooden decoration of the exterior from bottom to top. Due to this the fire spread rapidly and reached the topmost part.

The wooden furniture and decorations etc. present here started burning. Seeing this, the employees present in the hotel and people sitting in the restaurant started running outside to save their lives. Hearing the screams of the people, the people of the colony gathered and with the help of the employees began taking out the people present in the hotel rooms. Within a short time, everyone came out of the entire hotel safely.

After receiving the information, about 20 minutes later, seven vehicles from the Bhelupur and Chetganj fire stations reached the spot. Chief Fire Officer Anand Singh Rajput also came with the team.

According to the hotel staff, the fire started near the AC chamber near the restaurant. The fire broke out due to a short circuit in the AC chamber. The fire spread rapidly until the employees understood anything. The employees and the people present there did not understand anything and all ran outside to save their lives.

A woman in a neighbouring house jumped from the first floor in panic. There were 13 gas cylinders in the room adjacent to the kitchen of the hotel, and the residents of the colony promptly removed them.

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