Lucknow’s Gaurav Singh Chauhan Honoured With Prestigious  'Kukkiwon Pin'

Lucknow’s Gaurav Singh Chauhan Honoured With Prestigious 'Kukkiwon Pin'

Lucknow, February 8 (TNA) On the occasion of the successful completion of All India Black Belt Certification, National Referee and Coach's seminar Founder and Father of Taekwondo Dr Grand Master Jimmy R Jagtiani honoured Grand Master Gaurav Singh Chauhan with the prestigious 'Kukkiwon Pin' for his contribution and promotion of Taekwondo sports in India and also for his dedication in the field of martial arts since past more than 3 decades.

South Korea Kukkiwon is the world headquarters of Taekwondo which controls, regulates and licenses everything related to Taekwondo globally. Gaurav told TNA that he started his martial arts journey at the age of roughly 5-6 years old kid and since then there has been no looking back, he gradually got trained in more than 9 kinds of different martial arts till now. Grand Master Gaurav is presently acting as Chairman - Pub. Wing TFI (Taekwondo Federation of India) is also the founder of Mission Swa-Raksha by Kalki Art of Self Defence.

Under his safety mission, Grand Master Gaurav has trained more than 4,50,000 women and children single-handedly in India, Russia, Nepal, Thailand and many other countries. Grand Master Gaurav has also been honoured by several awards and recognitions from Defence, N.C.C and many other nations for his women and child safety initiatives and was also awarded as Best Self Defence and Commando Training Mentor in 2022.

Grand Master Gaurav is also known as Gaurav Human because of his several social causes, initiatives and promotion of humanity and world peace. Gaurav is famous on social media with this name and identity and prefers to be known in real life for the promotion of humanity above caste and religious discrimination.

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