Lucknow Metro Services Affected For 21 Minutes Due To Metalling Kite Flying String

Lucknow Metro Services Affected For 21 Minutes Due To Metalling Kite Flying String

Lucknow, Oct 29 (TNA) The Lucknow Metro Train services between IT College and Badshahnagar were briefly affected at 4:15 pm on Friday due to breaking of OHE by metallic kite string. During the failure, the train continued to run on another line while services in the downline line were affected for 21 mins.

During primary investigation, broken kite strings and torn kites were found on the track of the affected section. The incident occurred between Badshanagar and IT College where activities of kite flying with metallic manjha (string) are very prominent especially during the festival time.

UPMRC and UP Police regularly conducts awareness drives against the use of metallic manjha in the slum areas of this section as the kite flying activity is very intense here.

Kite flying near the metro corridor is very dangerous as they cause great damage to metro property and cause inconvenience to passengers. It is for the same reason that Agra and Kanpur Metro projects are equipped with a 3rd rail system.

During the period, the passengers were being informed about change of trains at regular intervals and adequate staff was deployed to guide the passengers. Passengers were also taken care of by offering water bottles.

The entire team acted promptly after reaching the site under guidance of senior metro officials, GM/Operations, Chief Electrical Engineer & security staff. The broken overhead wire was rectified promptly and full normalcy was restored within 1 hr 35 mins although the train continue to run during this period with single line working at other lines.

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