Lucknow Lad Goes Global, Appreciated For Commitment During Covid Pandemic

Lucknow Lad Goes Global, Appreciated For Commitment During Covid Pandemic

Lucknow, June 18 (TNA) City boy Gaurav Prakash has gone global as the World Book Of Records, felicitated him for his contribution towards the society in times of the global pandemic of Coronavirus.

The World Book of Records has launched a global pledge campaign to promote safety and universality against Covid-19 and to make each and every individual in the society ware about his duty and concern the society and making the planet a happy and liveable place for one and all.

Prakash, who is chairman, MSME, Confederation of Indian Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises, UP, is known across the state for his helping hand and compassion for the marganilzed sections of the society and has endeared himself both to the masses and classes with his approach of trying to find solutions to problems that face the society.

The World Book of Records has awarded him a 'Certificate Of Commitment' to "validate your dedicated and relentless commitment for promoting safety against the COVID-19 and the pledge to serve the society with honesty and sincerity in reducing the humans offerings, also to guide for the best prevention of Coronavirus disease as specified by the WHO".

The third-generation entrepreneur has dedicated this award to all the Covid warriors, and all those beautiful souls who have been doing phenomenal work in saving the lives of many during the Pandemic".

He told TNA that the recognition "gives me more strength to keeping pursuing for a better future for humanity." Prakash also thanked, Wilhelm Jazler, the Head of Europe, Switzerland for considering him for the certificate and to Swami Sarang for nominating his name for the acknowledgment.

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